Hi! My name is Marina and I have been into photography for 10 years. When I was a child I dreamed of being able to shoot sunsets whenever I wanted. Then, in our family there was a Kodak film camera and the film was bought only for important events. Now I'm so happy, because with the development of technology, anyone can shoot the sky, the sunset, selfies and friends with their phone, but anyway the gear cannot take pictures by itself, a person is needed who can catch the emotions and the mood. I'm glad to be this person. I love my job! I love to catch emotions with my camera! When I retouch photos with smiling people, I smile too.


In 2017 I moved to the US from Russia and now live in America's finest city - San Diego. Also, I like to travel to places with warm seas for snorkeling! I'm fond of sketching and volleyball. I'm trying to learn to play on Ukulele (sorry my neighbors! :)) I have a Youtube channel (ru) and you can also find me on Instagram.

And if you need beautiful photos of you, your family, friends or wedding, let me know! I will take them with pleasure!